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My Projects

  • WINBUG - A Windoze debugger (not ready yet)
  • MDABUG - A DOS full-screen debugger
  • EME - An Extended Memory Editor
  • BS - A Keyboard and Screen Session manager
  • MEMM - A DOS Memory Allocation Chain viewer
  • TRUEIO - Gain access to IO ports under Windows 95 (not ready yet)
  • MONSTER - WinXP console mode app to access resources typically available only to kernel mode programs (under construction)
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WINBUG - A Windoze debugger

winbug.zip (27 KB)
Not yet available

winbug is a system level debugger for both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. This debugger is somewhat similar to SoftICE/W, except that its free. The documentation is severly lacking, but that will improve with time. Winbug is a VxD, but not a normal VxD. It needs to be executed from the DOS command prompt, before Windows is loaded. It will install iself, and then launch Windows. By loading in this fashion, it can watch Windows set itself up, and be in a better position to offer you debugging assistance.

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MDABUG - A DOS full-screen debugger

mdabug.zip (16 KB)
Version 0.23 - Last modifed on Jan 05, 1996

Mdabug is a full screen DOS debugger. Unlike Microsoft's debug, this debugger is always resident in memory (its actually a TSR). Once loaded, you return to the DOS prompt. From here, you can use the included program loader to debug a program, or just embed an instruction in your code that will activate a debugger (int01 or int03 will bring up the debugger).

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EME -- An Extended Memory Editor

eme.zip (3 KB)
Version 1.06 - Last modifed on Feb 27, 1997

EME is an Extended Memory Editor. It is a DOS application that allows you to view/edit the entire 4GB range of address space. This program is quite useful for looking at address space above 1MB, where debug.exe runs out of steam.

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BackScroll - Screen and Keyboard session manager

bs.zip (6 KB)
Version 0.21 - Last modifed on Feb 27, 1997

BackScroll is two programs in one. It resides in memory (another TSR!), and saves all data that scrolls off the DOS text screen into a buffer. A simple keystroke is all that is required to recall the screen data that has scrolled off the screen. Very helpful when viewing long directory listings, as well as reviewing output when compiling large programs. Also, this program contains a complete history of all commands, allowing you access to previous commands without having to retype them in. This portion is somewhat similar to DOSKEY, but more intuative by allowing you to see a list the previous commands on the screen.

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MEMM - A DOS Memory Allocation Chain viewer

memm.zip (1KB)
Version 0.03 - Last modifed on Feb 27, 1997

MEMM displays the DOS memory allocation chain. It is similar to DOS' MEM command, except the information is displayed in a more easy to read fashion.

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TrueIO - Bypass Window's I/O virtualization mechanism

trueio.zip (27 KB)
Not yet available

TrueIO is a Windows VxD that allows user applications to directly access I/O locations, bypassing the virtualization mechanism. This program has a private API so that a DOS application or Windows application may read or write to I/O address space and bypass any other VxDs that might be filtering certain I/O location. This is useful when developing hardware or software and you are trying to read a port value, but don't want any VxD to virtualize the data, and return to you what it "thinks" you should be seeing. By allowing you absolute access to I/O ports, this technology can be very powerful, don't abuse this power.

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Monster - Console Mode WinApp to access resources typically available only to kernel mode programs

monster.exe (76 KB)
Version 0.11 - Last modifed on Dec 16, 2005

Monster is a console mode WinApp that can access hardware resources that are typically off limits to user-mode applications. The program includes an embedded kernel-mode driver that loads and unloads automatically.

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